What is ReHome ReLove

Paranosh Irani started her journey as a Fashion Blogger in 2018 and to create new fashion content daily she would usually buy clothes or get gifted outfits from brands. It’s obvious she can’t wear all the clothes to their fullest potential.

So, you might be thinking what does she do with all her clothes. We are here to tell you exactly that.

ReHome ReLove is an initiative started by Paranosh Irani to bring her favourite pieces of wardrobe to you. At this point, rehoming clothes online is the most sustainable thing to do than giving away all your barely worn clothes at your local thrift shops or just dumping them away.

This exponential rise of fast-fashion clothing has meant that clothing is now viewed as a disposable commodity. By rehoming her favourite pieces from her wardrobe, we get to add value to each other.

You guys can give it your unique touch when you’ll wear it and give them the much needed ReLove rather then them just piling away in the wardrobe.